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Durium Dance Band - Same old Moon - Durium Flexi EN. 37


Flexidisc 37

RARE  78  RPM     -  10  INCH

Durium Dance Band   

Same Old Moon

Durium E.N. 37           { Made in  U K } 


Side  1  -  V+

LABELS   Excellent

All discs should be Fine cleaned before playing  






NEW  Only used for records that are guaranteed to be new and unplayed

N-  Looks as NEW with no evidence of play; this is the highest grade that we generally use

E+  Full gloss surface; looks as NEW but with a few very light handling marks

Very clean, glossy surface with no visible signs of wear; may have some superficial or very light surface scratches or some minor surface marks which should be inaudible

E-  Clean, reasonably glossy surface, but may have some minor surface scratches and first signs of visible wear

V+  Surface will have some gloss but the record will have moderate wear and may also have some moderate surface scratches and light to moderate scuffs

Not much gloss remaining with moderate to heavy wear and may also have significant scratches and scuffs

V-  Dull surface and likely to have significant surface noise from heavy wear, scratches and scuffs

Completely dull surface and likely to have considerable surface noise from heavy wear, scratches and scuffs

  • Model: 10 Inch 78 Flexidisc
  • Manufactured by: UK

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