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Pope Pius XII - The Holy Year 1950 - HMV 4 Disc Set - Irish


# 731

This is a rare set of 4 x 12 inch Discs

Discs & Holder are in Stunning Condition

His Masters Voice 

Set # 446

DISC # IRX 48 , 49 , 50 & 51

Pressed in  IRELAND

INAUGURAL CEREMONIES OF THE HOLY YEAR, 1950 Bells of the Four Basilicas (Rome) : "Hymn of the Pilgrims" (Perosi), Poly- phonic Choir of the Academy of Sta. Cecilia (Somma), H. M. V. DB21049 ; Ceremony of the Opening of the Holy Door, " Veni Creator" (Pope Pius XII and Sistine Choir), Holy Father demands admissionPrayer—Removal of the Door, "Jubilate Deo " (Sistine Choir)—Prayer (The Pope) —Opening of " Te Deum " intoned by the Holy Father, H.M.V. DB2 r o5o ; " Te Deum " (Sistine Choir) ; Apostolic Benediction pronounced by His Holiness—Trumpets, Bells and applause ; Pontificial March (Gounod), Polyphonic Choir of the Academy of Sta. Cecilia with band accompaniment, H.M.V. DB2i o5x ; Prayer of the Holy Year spoken by H. H. Pope Pius, XII, H.M.V. DB21052. (12 in., 34s. 6d.). Also Special Album, Jos. oid.
It is one thing to be a Holy Year pilgrim hoping to see something of the great Papal ceremonies and quite another to be, even if only temporarily, in the Pope's procession at one of these. If one is, for example, in attendance upon a cardinal one arrives at an inner courtyard of the Vatican shortly before, and not hours before, the ceremony is advertised to begin : and then, after the Pope has prayed in the midst of his court in the Sistine chapel, the procession forms up ; and after the Holy Father has mounted the sedia gestatoria (or carrying chair), it makes its way down the Scala Regia (the Royal Staircase) and arrives in the vestibule of the huge basilica. It is a wonderful sight to look, from that vantage point, up the vast and thronged spaces of the enormous church and thrilling indeed to hear the trumpets ring out and the crowd acclaim the Pope.
This is the moment the patient pilgrim has long been awaiting. Legions of nuns, usually such modest and gentle women, have with holy insistence elbowed him well into the background, and he may see little more than a sea of heads and wimples—but he does hear the bells and the singing and the cheers and he does see the Holy Father borne high above the crowd. So he need no longer envy his more fortunate brother in the procession.
To such a pilgrim these records, not to be judged by ordinary standards, will be a moving reminder of great days and stirring events and they will give vicarious pleasure to many who could not make the pilgrimage.
The records were made in close collaboration with the Vatican Radio Station and, being a sound picture, naturally include a lot of extraneous noises.
The most successful and moving things are the bells of St. John Lateran, St. Paul's outside the walls, St. Mary Major and St. Peter's itself—a festal peal. One single bell from St. Mary Major is also included, with a delicate kind of irony ; it was this bell that guided an English lady (complete no doubt with Baedeker) who had lost her way back to the city—it is thus called Campana della Sperdala.
The Hymn of the Pilgrims, by Perosi, Director of Music at the Sistine Chapel, (and called in the leaflet, with pious exaggeration, unless it refers only to the Vatican State, "the greatest contemporary composer of sacred music,") is a straightforward chordal piece of little distinction and Gounod's Pontifical March, in its choral form, is like the very worst Verdi (or Gounod !). It is a relief to hear the fine age-old plainchant phrases of the Veni Creator Spiritus and the Te Deurn, both sung with harmonised verses alternating with the chant, and both intoned by the Pope in the voice of one bearing a great burden. I take the Jubilate Deo to be the eight-part motet composed by Palestrina for the opening of the Holy Door at Christmas, 1574 (inaugurating the jubilee year of 1575), a splendid piece of polyphonic writing But all else pales before the sounding of the trumpets, the cheers, and cries of Viva lil Papa, on sides 3 and 5, the solemnity of the Apostolic Benediction (also on side 5) and the Prayer for the Holy Year spoken in fluent English and, on the reverse, much more beautiful Italian. The leaflet accompanying the album gives an excellent account of the ceremonies and events on the records and as I have said, these discs will give great pleasure both to those who were there and to those who would like to have been there

  • Model: 12Inch 78 set
  • Manufactured by: IRELAND

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